Video Support


Do I have to complete video creation/set-up upon purchase?

No. You can purchase and complete the personalization and upload process at a later time by logging into our user portal a.k.a the From "U" Baby Video Portal.

How do I save & finish later?

  • Use the "next/save" button at the bottom of the current page to save your progress before exiting.

      • Note: If you started a page certain information or uploads may be required before you can successfully click "next/save"

  • Never use the back or refresh button in your browser changes/progress will be lost

  • Never use the back button within the window without first clicking "next/save" or changes/progress will not be saved

  • Do not "x" out of a progress window without first clicking "next/save" or changes/progress will be lost

If you decide to save and continue later, you can return and complete your video via our From "U" Baby Video Portal using the login credentials you created when you first purchased your video.

When & how do I receive my video?

You will be able to access your video via the From "U" Baby Video Portal using the login credentials you created during purchase. (or via "my account" from our homepage)

  • You will receive an automated email when your video is ready for download

  • Videos typically available within the hour, but depends on web traffic

DVD Option- If you elected to have a DVD mailed out to you

  • You will still have access to your video(s) electronically via the From "U" Baby Video Portal, typically within the hour

  • You will receive an email within 3-5 business days letting you know your video is ready for shipment.

    • In the event of high demand and/or slower processing times, the email you receive will provide a status update regarding processing time and expected ship date.

How do I add my voice?

  • Our mobile and PC friendly online platform allows you to record within our web-app.

  • Please look for the "allow" pop-up box to allow in-app recording. (if you do not see it you may have to go into your web settings. You can readily identify if you have allowed in-app recording if there is a red circle on our window tab)

  • Each part that requires audio has a recording icon, written instruction, and/or video prompt to guide you along the way.

  • If you purchase the Upperclassmen option, when you reach the point of adding audio to the learning content, simply follow the video prompts for each learning block, review your recording if you’d like, click the upload icon, and continue to the next steps.

Do I have to provide photo uploads for every section/category?

Regarding the first personalization page/screen, yes. These two photos are mandatory as they are used for the personalized intro and personalized greeting. However, you can use whatever picture you want.

Regarding the second page of the Varsity Baby or Upperclassmen set-up a.k.a. "family association", no. You do not have to upload all 20 photos of family, that's included in your video package, if you do not want to. However, the more you add the better the learning experience.

Do I have to provide audio uploads for all learning blocks?

Yes. All recordings are mandatory. Except the personalized greeting, which provides an option to use the default melody.

Upperclassmen Option- Regarding recording audio for the learning content, please remember to use the upload button after each recording.

Do I have to provide audio for the personalized greeting message?


What file types can I upload

JPEG and/or PNG

File size restrictions

Picture files over 3M typically take a little longer to upload.

Upload Issues

  • Photo files over 3M typically take a little longer to upload.

  • You can not upload more than one photo at a time. Please be patient, especially during our Beta testing.

  • If you are having issues where a picture/photo is stuck in upload spinney mode, please click the "x" in the upper corner of that particular upload window and retry.

  • If you are in the process of uploading the many photos allowed for the "family association" section and are having issues please do not refresh your browser, it will clear what you have uploaded to that point. Instead, close the particular upload window that is giving an issue and click Save & Continue and then exit if need be.