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What is the From "U" Baby Video Portal?

The From "U" Baby Video Portal is a tool created for our users with many benefits.  One of the biggest being the ability for users to purchase and create videos at their leisure so that the process remains fun and enjoyable, as you can do it when your ready. 

Other features and benefits of the portal are:

You can access the From "U" Baby Video Portal using the login credentials you created during purchase two ways.  Going directly to the sign in page https://www.fromubaby-videos.com/login or via "my account" from our homepage. 

How do I access the From "U" Baby Video Portal?

There are two options.

NOTE: If you do not remember your login info, simply use the "forgot password" function located on the sign in page, under the email/password fields.

I do not remember my login information?

 If you do not remember your login info... 

2a. You will be prompted to enter your email.  Use the email you used when you purchased your video.  

2b.  Press submit. 

How do I use/navigate the From "U" Baby Video Portal?

The From "U" Baby Video Portal aka Baby Video Portal is fairly simple and straight to the point but it does have its nuances.  Here are some of the basics...

 Once signed in using https://www.fromubaby-videos.com/login or visiting www.fromubaby-videos.com -->> "My Account" (top right)-->>login

You arrive at the portal homepage 



I started a video but didn't finish creation/set-up.

Any video purchased but not completed at the time of purchase would be in the "drafts" section with the portal.

Sign in here-->> the "drafts" tab is toward the upper-middle part of the screen

From the drafts screen-->> hover over the video placeholder/picture you'd like to complete-->> click the little icon in the upper right corner of the video-->> complete the set-up process-->> review-->> submit

Afterwards, you will receive an email stating your video has started processing, and another within the hour stating your video has been created.  At which time you can return to the portal to view and/or download your video for your learning little.

I received an email saying my video has been created/Where do I find my video?

Both completed and incomplete videos can be accessed via the From "U" Baby Video Portal.

Once signed into the portal

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