From "U" University was founded on the belief that learning starts at birth. We seek to provide early learning developmental resources and solutions to parents of children 0 to 5 years of age. It is also part of our mission to develop and create, innovative early learning platforms that are great for gifted children, but can be used by all. Additionally, our website provides access to free early learning and development resources, information, and learning tools- Register for Free today to receive updates and promotions!


Our personalized learning videos were developed and created to meet the needs of parents struggling with the constant demand of attention and engagement gifted infants require. They are unique as they incorporate the voices of parents along with personal family photos into the learning content, making our videos engaging and captivating- as if parents are there teaching their babies themselves.

Our videos also include personalized content such as child's name and birthday, in conjunction with captivating learning content that introduces them to the world around them. Every scene is filled with fun vibrant colors and animation. Also, because the experts say that infants are drawn to high contrast pictures and objects we have incorporated that too. Not only does our content include the basics (shapes, colors, alphabet, and numbers), but it also includes more extensive content such as; environment, quantities, letter sounds, skip counting, phonics, and much more. The Upperclassmen option even enables parents to custom select the content for their video. From beginning to end our videos were created with the needs of early learners in mind.


From "U" University is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization, that believes in the short and long term educational and socio-economic benefits of progressive early learning and gifted educational opportunities. We are rooted in the belief that learning starts at birth.

To date we have published our website, which provides access to free early learning and development resources, information, and learning tools. Also, after much debate we have launched our first personalized and customizable early learning tool, which features the curriculum of one of our local educational partners, Foundations 4 AdVANCEment. Currently,

From "U" University is focused on the continued development and implementation of our early education and gifted enrichment programs. Our programming and initiatives are especially developed for pre-primary age children (0-5 years) and and their families. Programs, initiatives, and services include; dual language immersion (ASL-Spanish), baby math, baby tutoring, parent coaching (early learning), gifted advocacy, and socio-emotional support for gifted families.

From "U" University is as an extension of Youth Financial Services NFP, incorporated in 2007. Youth Financial Services NFP was created to address the socio-economic need for the provision of financial literacy to underrepresented and disadvantaged youth ages 15-24 years old. Over the years Youth Financial Services NFP has provided financial literacy presentations and workshops to over 500 inner-city youth of Chicago. With the desire to grow, evolve, and have broader long-term socio-economic impact, Youth Financial Service NFP formed From "U" University. From "U" University then took on the task of addressing the lack of resources, tools, and support for advanced early learning and gifted education in underrepresented demographic areas.